You have just received a really great job offer in Austin, Texas, and are excited for the adventure to come! Where do you move to? How will you know what neighborhood will work best for you? Where the best deals in town are located? You may have been to the city only once, or possibly not at all! Many of us in the office were once you, so don’t worry! That is where the team at Nu Edge Realty comes to your assistance. Austin boasts several great areas to call home, but without insider knowledge it can be completely overwhelming, and we understand! Our full service brokerage offers a broad spectrum of services, whether you want to lease, buy or sell, one of our experienced agents has you covered. We offer all clients the best Realtor experience in Austin; we work as a team to ensure the client always comes first.

Nu Edge Realty can help find you an apartment whether you are here in Austin or have not reached its city limits quite yet . We know nervousness about where you should live and the unfamiliarity with Austin’s diverse communities. Again, many of us in the office were once you, trust our expertise! Our agents will go out and tour properties, send video, pictures and everything needed to make you feel as if you were right here with us looking at properties. We are very knowledgeable on what is practical in regards to size, location, amenities for your next home, as well as how to have fun in this awesome booming city!

Planning on visiting Austin to look at properties in person, call or email us and we set up an appointment time to go out and look. No pushy salespeople, no rush, we are a free service, all locators/realtors are compensated by the properties in the State of Texas. All of us agents here in Austin work on the same database, with up to date information on the rental market at all times. There is only a need to work with one of our agents, who set their clients first and work the hardest!

Nu Edge Realty ranks #1 on Yelp! for a reason, we strive to clinch the best deals for every person we assist. Austin’s pricing is changing on a daily basis, what you look at today someone looked at yesterday, it is very competitive and having an agent who has your best interests is what we strive to achieve with all of our clients. Contact us today! We can’t wait to find you your next home!


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